The Benefits of Using White Label SEO Service

The ever-changing strategies of Google algorithms and the penguins and pandas have caused the rankings of many popular sites to plummet overnight. This calls the need for a robust SEO team that can bring in revolutionizing Search Engine Optmization strategies. Experts in the internet marketing industry state that SEO requires specialized skills and should be assigned to professionals whose core specialization is Search Engine Optimization. This has resulted in reselling SEO, or in other words SEO White Labeling. By reselling SEO, you are hiring someone else to do the SEO work while you legally reap the benefits and present the results to clients.

A look into the key benefits of SEO White Labeling:

Excellent quality service: White label SEO services are not provided by Jack of all trades, but experts specialized in performing search engine optimization activities. They ensure that their clients have a prominent online presence in this competitive business environment by creating and implementing effective strategies. They constantly keep a watch on the industry’s latest trends, competitor’s strategies, and check for informative and keyword relevant title tags and meta descriptions to ensure that they have a high search result ranking.

Offer a broader range of service: Search engine optimization services comprises of a range of solutions for a variety of ranking issues and deficiencies. While a web SEO audit scrutinizes for website elements that could bring down the rankings, an on-page SEO addresses a variety of essential elements like page titles, headings, content and content organization, and internal link structure. Code optimization is another SEO technique, where the optimized HTML code improves ranking by alleviating code clutter and improving loading time. Other important services include keyword research, ranking reports, traffic reports, and conversion tracking. A webmaster cannot solely handle this vast range of tasks. However, a white label SEO team can professionally do this as they are backed up by experts.

Confidentiality: A white label SEO service provider is legally bound to stay anonymous. Confidentiality maintenance is a code of conduct of business wherein every white label service provider will be required to respect and maintain the confidentiality of the data and prevent it from being leaked to intruders. This is done by signing confidentiality agreements before providing excellent service thus keeping your credibility intact.

Cost Effective: Maintaining an in-house SEO team, their training, the recruitment of the right staff can be an expensive and tedious task. And as the SEO process gets more complex you will be required to utilize more talented people or train your existing resources to provide much better services. Hiring a White Label SEO Reseller frees you from the recruitment, training and start-up costs of forming a technically competent team while providing flawless service to your clients.

More focus on core business: The service provider takes care of all the technical marketing details, allowing you to concentrate more on the client service activities than on upkeep of jobs. While doing so, firms can integrate the expertise of trained professionals who deal with SEO challenges across industries all the time. Moreover having a fixed monthly cost for your search engine optimization campaign makes it easier to plan ahead financially. After a period of time, you can notice that the cost of the SEO will be lesser in comparison to returns gained from increased traffic and sales.

Enhances your brand: When your digital agency has a wide array of expert services to provide to your clients, this certainly strengthens your brand. It helps in building awareness of your brand in the market. This becomes easier when you partner with a White Label agency as you do not have to develop these solutions mentioned, from scratch. All you need to do is rebrand it. Customers will not be able to tell the difference between a white label solution with an in-house solution if you have partnered with a reputed, high-quality White Label Agency.

Own the client: You become the point of contact to the client and will be responsible for the customer satisfaction. You purchase the SEO service from the service provider at a lower cost and sell it your client with at a suitable markup price. Since you are reselling the product you are free to control the pricing and charge your client. You can increase or decrease the pricing according to the marketing constraints and the clients’ demands.

No in-depth technical knowledge needed: When you are a White Label SEO Reseller, it is not necessary for you to be an expert in the latest SEO strategies and algorithms. SEO tends to be tricky and complicated, especially if you own a startup. However, if your service providing company is reliable, experienced in fetching better ranking, Google Analytics, pay-per-click, and competitor analysis, you have no reason to worry. Choose the right company and attain success by providing solutions that grow the business of your clients.


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    I can see why a company would want to hire a White Label SEO Reseller to help them form a competent team. Having a fixed monthly cost would probably help the company keep track of finances much easier like you said. I bet the accountants would be grateful for that. Thanks for sharing!

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