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Site test plans and testing services are required today irrespective of the web application you are developing. Testing services have answers to your quality-oriented needs. In the process of testing, you are ensuring that you have an effective bug report in place for your business website. Website performance testing is vital in today’s digital enterprise. Thus, hiring a website testing service is an easy choice in such situations.

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Major testing & QA services that website QA testing services should provide:

1. Managed testing Service: In order to undertake your software testing needs, managed testing service is carried out for a prolonged period of time; say for a period of 3-5 years where the entire framework for the period is built and results are generated on the same. In this process, the entire work would be divided into 3 stages, where the initial few months would be based on steady understanding of your testing needs then going on to stages of transition and then transformation.

2. Functional Testing: Functional testing will embark on testing and generating quality scores on how fit your applications are based software being run on the servers. Web application testing is a main feature where web design and interfaces are tested based on the complexities they are offering and are resolved accordingly.

3. Performance-based testing: Performance testing is normally established through sound checking of project-based levels. In this process, the shortfalls are covered, which are being mapped based on resources and skills.

4. Mobile Performance testing: This is a level of testing where usability testing comes into play. In this process performance determining the response time of an application is monitored. Location-based service testing also falls under this methodology.

How we can help you with your testing and QA needs:

1. We can help and assist in having a compatibility assessment of the competitors one has in the market place. In the process, comparisons are drawn in respect to the sites of your competitors. Accordingly, the matrix can be drawn and performance evaluated over time.

2. Functional testing of your website is a major feature where Web QA services are related to carrying out functional tests based on navigation within a site, its maintenance and ease of handling transactions for E-Commerce website are cross checked.

3. Different kind of website testing methodologies which includes web application testing, web usability testing and load testing of the website is carried out.

4. Compatibility is also checked on how the website opens up in different kinds of browsers, how it behaves in different operating systems, mobile platforms and more so importantly how it fits in the best possible manner across different screen sizes of various digital devices.

Thus, our testing and QA processes are so designed that all the specifications can be registered, executed and evaluated as per the testing needs. You can also get in touch with our sales representative for consultation and thereby receive a price quotation!

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