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Drupal is a prominent open-source content management system solution used and maintained by over a million developers and users. Today, Drupal is being used by millions of businesses across the globe, and more are joining the bandwagon as more of them realize the benefits of using this amazing platform.

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Top features of Drupal

  1. Platform, Web Server and Database Independent

Being independent, Drupal helps in building a cross-functional development team with diversified experience from different development platforms. It also supports simultaneous multi-platform development.

  1. Granular User Management

By offering user management at a granular level, Drupal offers great flexibility in managing the platform.

  1. Multiple Content Types:

With multiple content type support, Drupal serves as the perfect platform to create and manage content.

  1. Flexible Taxonomy and Menu Structures:

Drupal features taxonomy customization for different menu structures across multiple content delivery platform so that uniformity is maintained.

  1. Standards Compliant Templates & Themes

Drupal, through this feature, helps engineers in designing and creating the layout of the website by providing standardized built-in HTML and CSS themes. This quickens the project delivery process and optimal utilization of resources.

  1. Device-Specific Display

With device-specific display, Drupal supports auto scaling and optimizing the display by proper identification of device type. It can also detect the browser being used and can serve a specific display theme for that device.

  1. Highly Tuned Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

With features like natural language URLs and customized page metadata, SEO on Drupal is powerful and effective.

  1. Online Community Features

Drupal boasts of a strong developer network platform which provides all sorts of support for custom development of content aligned with individual social media accounts with a diversified range of modules.

  1. Tracking and Statistics:

It comes with an inbuilt user tracking and statistics engine which seamlessly integrates with Google Analytics to provide a detailed report and statistics about the site viewers and other metrics.

  1. Content Administration

It has a well-versed range of module portfolios coupled with robust editorial workflow to monitor and optimize blogs.

  1. Content Syndication

RSS feed, which supports multiple services standards, is integrated into Drupal and can be integrated with external programs through service bus.

  1. Contributed Modules

Drupal provides lot of free sources to get the contributed modules which help to improve the functionality of basic modules and make it more intuitive.

How We Can Help You

  1. Drupal Website Development

As a leading Drupal development company, we offer cutting-edge web development services to our customers.

  1. Custom Templates and Themes

As a leading Drupal web development services provider, we can help you in developing custom templates and themes for your business.

  1. Drupal Customization

With the best of Drupal experts with us, we offer awesome Drupal customizations according to your needs and requirements of your business. We do also offer our services for Drupal upgrades for a smooth transition.

  1. Drupal Module Development and Installation

With powerful modules, Drupal becomes a lot more effective and efficient. As a leading Drupal development agency, we can develop those modules for you. We can also assist you in the installation of the modules, as it can be quite tricky.

  1. Drupal website SEO

We provide complete Drupal development services, and SEO is an integral part of it. With SEO, we can help your business rank higher in the search results of top search engines.
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Drupal experts- Free Quote

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